How to set up an Etsy ad on Facebook

Set up an Etsy ad on Facebook.

They make it pretty easy.

Check back often for engagement

Not bad for $3 a day. 5,720 people reached. 1.8% clicks is remarkably consistent across all platforms. For my stuff, anyway.

Let's try another goal

This ad targets messaging engagement. Fewer people reached, but 4.3% engagement. That's awesome. Now just buy a table please.

Tune the ad 

Are we reaching the right demographic? Let's take a look. So that's an interesting gender skew. Didn't see that one coming. But demographics by age looks plausible.

Wait what? Living in Nigeria?

Well at least I know where to go to find the lat/long of Nigeria. More specifically Kontagora, a major town in Niger state. OK, Nigeria has states. I'm learning stuff!

We'll solve the Nigeria issue shortly

Let's check sources. Mostly from mobile feed, so that's as expected. But still Nigeria, though.

Now solve the Nigeria issue

Since we're already in the right dialog, let's check locations. Bonus. I just learned Kebbi is also a state in Nigeria.

I messed up

I spent good money going after an audience in Nigeria. I don't even ship there. I'm a bit embarrassed. Let's fix it.

The result

Pull ad. Scratch head. Wakefield, MA is in Nigeria, not where I live in Massachusetts, USA.

Change the location to cities that are definitely in Mass.

While we're at it, let's brush up on Nigerian names.